Read our 2016 Catalogue

Hurrah! Our 2016 Catalogue is Out!

Inside, you’ll find lovely lists of purposeful plants to choose from this year, from ‘plants on the wild side’ to ‘how to be soft on fruit’! Also, look out for Wild Flower Plugs (new!), Fruit Trees, Workshops and Consultancy.

PLUS, as it’s our 15th anniversary, we’ve got some special offers for 2016. Skip to the back page to find out more.

 Read the catalogue below or click here to download a copy (700kb)


Happy browsing!

Fruit Tree Sale & Mystrees!

Last of the Apple Trees


We have quite a few apple trees left (no plums, and pears in single figures, and there’s one peach). Some apple varieties we have left are now pretty small (about 1m), so, to avoid potting them all up, we are now offering them on a first-come, first-served basis, for £10 each bare-root and collected from the nursery.

(Sorry, it’s too late to post them as they are on the point of root and shoot growth). You’ll get to pick out your trees, and they do of course have good roots and will come away very fast. There are still some full sized ones, especially cookers, to choose from as well, at £14.50. Find out how we grow our trees and what makes them special (and way better than what a garden centre offers!).

There are also the usual “Mystrees” – the ones whose labels have gone AWOL! It’s a mystery to us where these labels go – high winds can take the blame I guess. If you like surprises, you can nab one for £10! And whatever we do pot up will be available from summer at £16.

If you want to come visit us this week or next and grab a bargain, phone us on 07749987213 or All must go!

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