Fruit and Honey Pressing

Appletreeman's Apple Press

Our fruit press and electric mill were very well used in 2017, at apple days and other events. Any community groups or individuals wishing to hire them in 2018 please get in touch in good time as it gets booked up in September and October each year.

The machines are very effective and will cope with a fair amount of apples.

We hope that the continuing availability of these presses to anyone in Scotland will help to reduce the amount of fruit going to waste in back gardens and orchards, and will enable people to store their surplus.

If you have a lot of fruit spare, and think you can make use of this machine, then please get in contact with us. A lot of our apples in Scotland are ready early and do not keep for long. If you and your neighbours or community have fruit going to waste, then do consider the option of juicing and freezing or making your own cider or wine. Full instructions and training will be given on their safe use.

The machines were bought from a grant given to us by Central Scotland Green Network which is funded by The Scottish Government, Forestry Commission Scotland, and Scottish Natural Heritage. 

We are also offering our 3 frame hand honey spinner. Please ask for details if you want a convenient way of extracting your surplus this year.