Fruit Trees

We continue to grow and supply the widest range of apples, pears, plums, and damsons, including a number of old Scottish varieties brought back to the country for the first time in many decades!



For a brief description of the varieties of apple, pear, plum and other fruit trees we grow and sell, please visit this page..

Or see the GENERAL TREE LIST on the blog page for early mid and late fruits.


We currently sell fruit trees as follows:

Bare-root Apple Trees

  • Maiden (one year old trees) – available from November to March (orders accepted from August) – see current stock list
  • Two year old trees – available from November to March (orders accepted from August) – see current stock list

Potted Apple Trees

Other Fruit Trees

  • Pears, plums, medlars and other fruit trees are available throughout the year – potted in Summer and bare-root in Winter – see current stock list

For our up-to-date availability of fruit trees, click on the above links.


Apple trees: £15 each (if ordering less than 10) £14 for 10+. £13 each for 20+
Pears, Plums, Cherries etc: £18 each

Delivery costs
Collection: Free
Delivery by courier: £20 for a box of up to 10 trees

How to order

Use our online Tree Order Form.
Or get in touch with us.

We’re happy to offer advice on types of trees, discuss suitability for specific sites or hear about your plans for starting a new orchard! Pop us an email: