Fruit Trees


THE TREE SALES AREA IS NOW OPEN for potted fruit trees and many soft fruits reduced in price. There are new grafted trees for sale too.  Feel free to visit any time.   There are also plenty of hedging and woodland trees in 3 litre pots for £4 only. NOW is the best time to plant potted plants. 

The bare root list for fruit trees for winter 22/23 is now sold out. 


There are still a few potted trees for sale at the farm but stocks are now running low. So if you need trees this month please consider visiting soon!


M26 and 116 are dwarfing,  MM106 semi-vigorous rootstocks. Find out more about Rootstocks.

We also have Victoria and Opal plums on VVA and St Julien stocks in pots. £30 each.

Pears Conference, Concorde , Beth and Moonglow in pots. £30 each.

We can also offer gift vouchers for a gift of bare root trees later in the year.  

A few WORKSHOPS in orchard skills are being planned for this winter. Email me to book a place. 

We continue to grow and supply a wide range of apples, pears, plums, and damsons suitable for Scottish growing conditions, including a number of old Scottish varieties brought back to the country for the first time in many decades. These are mostly going to be potted up for farm sales. 



For a brief description of the varieties of apple, pear, plum and other fruit trees we grow and sell, please visit this page.

We don’t have the capacity to grow all these varieties every year, but do vary the varieties slightly annually, so what’s not available now may become available next season.

Ordering and Payment

 Feel free to visit for potted trees. . You can pay for potted trees using the Paypal button below or your paypal app whilst at the farm. This saves you from having to handle cash. The contact for Paypal direct is and my paypal name is appletreeman. I can also email you an invoice. Please message me with your email address. You will find our bank account details in the wee kiosk too and if all else fails then you can leave cash. Please advise us if you have done so. 

Potted Apple Tree for collection

Please collect your trees from Blackhaugh Farm, and drop me an email to let me know what you’ve taken. I'm often at the end of the field so phone me if you need advice.


Bare Root Apple Trees


A typical bare root maiden apple tree that we sell.  Two year old bare root apple trees will be £19 each and will be available from December to March.  Bare root Plums and Pears  £30 each. 

Potted Plum and Pear Trees   £30 each. 

A range of potted trees in 10 to 12 litre pots.

  • Selection of potted trees  – available from April to September and by collection only from Blackhaugh Farm.  Please return any spare 10 litre pots!   .


Potted apples are £25 each.
Potted Pears, Plums, Cherries etc: £30 each

Delivery costs
Collection: Free   We generally charge  £30 for delivery of bare root trees if we can muster a number of deliveries in one area of Scotland. This is not normally a problem. Please ask. We do not deliver potted trees. Sorry. 

How to order

 Feel free to visit the farm anytime but please message us on 07749987213 when there or before coming. email: 


We have been lifting and dividing our soft fruit and potting into 3 litre deep pots.   A good range of plants are now available from the farm.


The bare root tree nursery