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We’re a wee, green, family business, rooted in Perthshire, Scotland.

Appletreeman (Andrew Lear) propagates and sells hardy, heritage and Scottish fruit trees. at Blackhaugh Community Farm. We also grow and sell soft fruit and edible hedging. Note that there is a SUMMER SALE of soft fruit in August – all £4 each! You can visit most days. Text me on 07749987213 if you need advice. You can access this seasons list of bare root trees here.

In 2020, Appletreeman will continue to sell soft fruit, edible hedging and fruit trees at Blackhaugh Farm. Plants with Purpose will now be run by Sarah Walkington at the farm.

Appletreeman runs lots of horticultural, community events – from courses, workshops and talks to various groups, as well as apple days. Find out what’s coming up

Currently all the training courses and community apple pressing events are on hold until probably 2021. I may be able to run the press at the farm for individuals and I will update you on this in due course.

We would normally offer low-cost hire of our fruit press and mobile honey extractor, and provide professional consultancy and advice for your orchard projects.

However please note that I am not hiring out the apple press this year, but Judith at  Cairnomohr winery  has advised me that they are offering a juicing service, so please take advantage of this in the meantime. And I am postponing most other activities until 2021.

We can also offer gift vouchers for trees and courses. So why not consider this for a present for your friends?

Please consider returning our 10 litre Black Pots so we can pot up more trees! Thanks.

If you are interested in learning how to grow fruit trees, are a horticultural student looking to find an opening in growing, or thinking of buying into an existing business then feel free to get in contact with me. I will be retiring in a few years and am keen to pass this on to an enthusiastic and capable person.

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