Soft Fruit , Trees and Edible Hedging

Edible or Native Hedging Tree


Soft Fruit

Soft Fruit Plant


Appletreeman (Andrew) will continue to sell soft fruit, edible hedging and trees from Blackhaugh community farm.
Plants with Purpose will be run by  Sarah at  Blackhaugh farm in 2020.

 If you cannot easily get to the nursery in Spittalfield, or to a market that we’re attending, please email us your order and address, and we’ll quote the postage costs.

We have a wide range of trees for sale in 3 litre pots including Elder, Beech, Rowan, Yew, Chestnut, Walnut, Oak, Cherry plum, Cherry, Whitebeam, Hawthorn, Sloe and Alders. All £6 each.


We will be potting up a good number of these trees over the next few months into 12 litre pots to provide our customers with a good specimen tree for your garden, wood or shelterbelt. £20 each.