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Soft Fruit

Soft Fruit Plant


We have been busy potting up soft fruit, edible hedging and trees at Blackhaugh community farm.
You can access the soft fruit list here.

Please email or text me if you wish to buy potted plants at the nursery in Spittalfield


We have a wide range of trees for sale in 3 litre pots including Elder, Beech, Rowan, Yew, Chestnut, Walnut, Oak, Cherry plum, Cherry, Whitebeam, Hawthorn, Sloe and Alders. All £6 each. We are regularly adding other varieties.

We have potted up a good number of these trees over the last few months into 3 litre pots to provide our customers with a good specimen tree for your garden, wood or shelterbelt.

We currently have the following for sale:

Row 1Row 2Row 3Row 4Row 5Row 6Row 7Row 8Row 9Along the fence
HazelCrab Apples (CA) & Mystery Trees (M)m9 & m27m26m26mm116mm106 / m25PearsCherriesPlums
Hazel Webb’s Prize Cob (4)16m9DiscoveryHowgate WonderGeorge CaveCider DabinetOn QuinceHazel Filbert Cosford
Hazel Cobnut (2)15M?m9Red WindsorHowgate WonderGeorge CaveCider Dabinetm25Lady of the WemyssPitmaston DuchesseSummer SunCormus Mas
<– MAIN ENTRANCE14M?m9Red WindsorHowgate WonderNorrisCider Dabinetm25Ribston PippinPitmaston DuchesseSummer SunGrey Alder
Herbs & Soft Fruits13MHawthorndenm9Red WindsorHowgate WonderCutler GrieveCider Harry Master’s Jerseym25Ribston PippinConferenceSummer SunGrey Alder
12MTydeman’s Late Orangem9Red WindsorHowgate WonderMank’s CodlinCider Harry Master’s Jerseymm 106KatyConferenceSummer SunGrey Alder
11M?m9Red WindsorLord RoseberyLaxton FortuneRipston Pippinmm 106Emneth EarlyConferenceKordiaDamson MerrywetherGrey Alder
10MAdam’s Permainm9SunsetGalloway PippinLaxton FortuneDiscoverymm 106BramleyConferenceKordiaCambridge GageSweet Chestnut
9M?m9Jamba 69Stobo CastleLaxton FortuneThorle Pippinmm 106BramleyConferenceKordiaEarly VictoriaSweet Chestnut
8CAGolden Hornetm9DiscoveryMank’s CodlinLaxton FortuneWhite Melrosemm 106BramleyConferenceKordiaEarly VictoriaSweet Chestnut
7CAGolden Hornetm9Carles RossLord DerbyLaxton FortuneWhite Paradisemm 106Coul BlushConferenceKordiaEarly VictoriaStepover: Devenshire Quarrenden mm106
6CAGolden Hornetm27Red James GrieveLord Rosebery & Lord LambourneScots BridgetWhite Paradisemm 106Coul BlushConferenceKordiaEarly VictoriaStepover: Red Devil m 26
5CAJohn Downiem27Port Allan RussetLord LambourneJames GrieveWhite Paradisemm 106Coul BlushConferenceKordiaEarly VictoriaFan: Sunset mm 106
4CARose Glowm27Thomas Jeffrey (fan)Lord LambourneWhite MelroseWhite Paradisemm 106George CaveConferenceBlack OliverEarly VictoriaFan: Fiesta mm 116
3CARose Glowm27BoskoopPort Allan RussettWhite MelroseLord Derbymm 106FortuneConcordeBlack OliverEarly VictoriaFan: Clydeside mm 106
2CARed Glowm27Beauty of BathPort Allan RussettRed DevilTower of Glamismm 106Monarch & Exeter CrossConcordeWaterlooEarly VictoriaEdible pond plants: Typha Latifolia (2)
1CARed Glowm27Exeter CrossPort Allan RussettWorcester PermainPort Allan Russetmm 106Tower of GlamisConcordeMerton GloryEarly VictoriaHouttuynia cordata
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