Appletreeman & Plants with Purpose specialise in running educational workshops and events, and regularly give talks to community groups and organisations. We are currently planning a series of ‘fruit expert’ workshops for 2019. 

We can quote to run these and many other courses in horticulture to groups of any size and level of experience and tailor them to your needs. We are both qualified teachers and trainers as well as horticulturists with decades of experience!

Please get in touch to discuss an idea for events, workshops or talks.

Events with Appletreeman


A recent apple pruning class in the North East. 

A fanatical pursuant of all things fruity(!), Appletreeman runs a seamless programme of related workshops and events throughout the year, starting with winter pruning and tree renovation in winter, moving onto bench grafting and orchard planning in spring, orchard pests and disease management, budding and summer pruning, fruit identification and apple days, then cidermaking and drinking, not that anyone requires a course in that!

These events at any orchard or fruity venue, and they can be tailored for a wide range of groups. Appletreeman will happily give talks to groups on any aspect of fruit tree management and history, as well as trees, plant propagation and horticulture therapy.

Plants with Purpose events

Foraging Walk

If there’s one thing I like as much as growing and selling useful plants it’s talking about them. Formal lectures are not my style, and I can guarantee an interactive and informative experience with as much chance as the topic allows for hands on activity and audience participation.

Workshops run at Plants with Purpose are diverse and stimulating. We are available to  run workshops on ”Edible Plants” taking  you through how to select, grow, and use edible plants successfully.

“Grow Your Own” courses will stimulate the novice gardener into greater self-sufficiency. “Creating Wildlife Gardens” and “Forest Gardening”, will put the participant right on most aspects of sustainable gardening.

And our popular Wild Food  Rambles have something for everyone – fruits, fungi, vegetables and roots – covering recognition and identification skills as well as uses.

                        Keep an eye on twitter and our calendar for more information.