What do we do?


Appletreeman in the Nursery Appletreeman specialises in grafting apple trees that are either suitable for Scottish conditions, or those with a Scottish Heritage,  or have been selected by the many excellent Scottish head gardeners in the past. We also do nut bushes, soft fruits and fruiting shrubs. Every year we grow, graft and bud new and exciting varieties of pear, plum and apple in our Perthshire nursery at  Blackhaugh Community Farm.  They are all grown sustainably and specially selected for their hardiness and suitability in our increasingly varied Scottish climate. Our trees can be bought bare-root in winter or as potted trees throughout the year.

Appletreeman passes on orchard expertise by running practical classes in skills like planting, pruning, budding, and fruit identification. We also provides a consultancy and advice service to new or existing orchard owners or community groups.

We also have a small research orchard of productive trees which provides a quantity of fruit for juicing and cider each year. We would be happy to show you our nursery. 

We specialise in grafting and pruning of trees. Please contact us if you have a project that requires our expertise. 


Blackhaugh Community Farm is located in Spittalfield, Perthshire. There are a number of land related businesses on the farm including Taybank Growers Co-operative which has a farm shop selling seasonal produce. A number of volunteers regularly help on the farm too.