Soft Fruit 2016/17

As well as our usual range of native trees and shrubs for creating your Very Useful (and Mostly Edible) Hedge, we have some new additions. Wild Crab apples (Malus sylvestris) are back – great for wildlife and jelly making too! We have added the Dog Rose (Rosa canina) to the Scotch or Burnet Rose for your rose-hip syrups and rosewater sweeties.

And we are also offering the Aspen – a type of poplar native to Scotland but scarcely seen these days in the wild. As far as I know you can’t eat it, but it makes good shelter and is lovely when the leaves tremble in the wind.

Our full list of soft fruit bushes and perennials is available below or on this link!

Look out for some exciting new varieties this year:
Blueberry Pink Lemonade
Gooseberry Captivator
Strawberry Honeoye
Strawberry Threave Royal

Please get in touch if you want more information on these or would like to place an order!