Fruit Tree List 2016-17

This is our initial stocktake for bare root trees for sale this winter 2016. We have a range of larger 2 and 3 year old trees for sale this year in addition to the maiden (1 yr) trees, and all on either dwarfing (m27), semi-dwarfing (m26 or mm106), or vigorous rootstocks (m25). These larger trees will be £20 each, for collection or personal delivery only. Please get in touch if you want more information on these.

Make a tree order request online or feel free to send an email if you need further advice:

Maiden Trees can be sent via courier and are £14.50 each.
Plums, Cherries, Quinces and Pears are £18 each.

We also have a number of trees in pots. Call us on 01738787278 if you want to plant up this summer.