Potted Tree Availability List – June 2018

Availability List (June 2018) of Trees at Blackhaugh Farm, Spittalfield

Please phone Andrew on 07749987213 to view or reserve these trees!

All In 12 litre pots  
APPLES £18 each  
M27 very dwarfing stock suitable for small gardens and containers PLUMS £20 each
Bloody Ploughman Blaisdon Red
Port Allen Russet Marjorie’s Seedling
Sunset Opal
King of the Pippins Denniston’s Gage
Fortune Shropshire Prune
Liberty PEARS £20 each
Lass of Gowrie Christie
Katy Conference
Howgate Wonder Beth
M26 dwarfing stock for cordons and small gardens Other trees: £20 each
Ribston Pippin Medlar Nottingham
Saturn Quince Portugal
Windsor Peach Peregrine
Tower of Glamis  
Discovery FANS and ESAPALIER trained trees £25 each.
Fortune Port Allen Russet
Discovery Beauty of Moray
Scot’s Bridget Opal Plum
Bloody Ploughman Others tbc.
Morgan Sweet  
Worcester Pearmain
MM106 semi-vigorous for gardens and orchards
Beauty of Moray
Cambusnethen Pippin
Lass O Gowrie
Bloody Ploughman
Annie Elizabeth
Reinette Grise
Exeter Cross
Belle De Boskoop
Maggie Sinclair
Tam Jeffrey