Fruit Tree List 2017/18

Tree Availability List 2017

Bare Root 1 and 2 year old trees – draft list July

We are happy to start taking orders for these trees now….just send an email and we will confirm in due course. This is just 1 and 2 year old trees, we do have a selection of 3 year old trees too, email if you want bigger trees for your project. More will be added to this list too in due course.

  m25 Tall mm106 m26 m27 m9 V. Dwarf
Arbroath Oslin X X X X  
Beauty Of Moray   X X X  
Bloody Ploughman   X X X X
Cambusnethan Pippin   X X    
Coul Blush x x X    
East Lothian Pippin   X X    
Galloway Pippin x   X    
Hawthornden   X X    
Hood’s Supreme   X x    
James Grieve – Red   X X X X
Lady of the Lake   X X X  
Lass O’ Gowrie x X X X  
Lord Roseberry     X    
Scot’s Bridget x X X    
Scot’s Dumpling   X X    
Siddington Russet x X X    
Stirling Castle x X      
Stobo Castle x X x    
Tam Jeffrey   X X X  
Tower of Glamis x X X    
White Melrose x x      
Clydeside x X X X  
Cutler Grieve   X X    
Golden Monday     X    
Lady Of The Wemyss x        
Lemon Queen   x      
Maggie Sinclair x X      
Megginch Favourite          
Port Allen Russet   X X    
Seaton House     x    
Tam Montgomery ( Early Julian)   X X    
Thorle pippin   X X    
White Paradise   X X    
Annie Elizabeth   X X    
Adam’s Pearmain     X X  
Alkmene ( Red Windsor)   X X   X
Ard Cairn Russet   X x    
Arthur Turner x X      
Blenheim Orange x X      
Bramley x x X    
Charles Ross-Red   X X    
Crimson Newton Wonder   X X    
Discovery   X X X X
Edward VII   X      
Emneth Early   x X    
Exeter Cross   X x    
Fiesta   X      
George Cave   X X X X
Grenadier x        
Howgate Wonder   X      
Jupiter   X X X  
Katy   X X   X
Keswick Codlin x X      
Kidd’s Orange Red   X X    
Laxton’s Fortune   X x X  
Lord Derby x X      
Monarch x X X    
Red Ellison’s Orange   X X   X
Sunset x X X X X
Worcester Pearmain   X X    
Ashmead’s Kernel     X    
Beauty of Bath   X X X X
Catshead x   X    
Chivers Delight   x      
Cox Pomona   X X    
Devonshire Quarrenden   X X    
Early Julyan   X X    
Golden Pippin   X X    
Greensleeves     X    
Herefordshire Russet     X    
Irish Peach         X
King of the Pippins   X X    
Lady Lambourne          
Laxton’s Superb   X X    
Liberty   X X    
Mank’s Codlin x X      
Monarch   X X    
Red Devil   X X    
Red Falstaff   X X    
Ribston Pippin   x x    
Saturn   X X X X
St Edmund’s Pippin       X  
Tydeman’s Late Orange   X X    
Tydeman’s Early Worcester     X    
William Crump   x X    
Wheelers Russet     X    
Yorkshire Aromatic   X      
Akero   X x    
Boskoop   X X   X
Julyred   X      
Kim   X      
Lobo   X      
Noris   X X    
Prima   X      
Quinte   X X    
Red Astrachan   X x    
Reinette Grise   X      
Summered   X      
Brown’s Apple X        
Fair Maid Of Devon          
Kinston Black X        
Langworthy X        
Morgan Sweet          
Stoke Red          
Tom Putt x X x    
CRAB APPLES          
Golden Hornet   X      
Jelly King          
John Downie          
CHERRIES       Gisela 5  
Black Oliver       X  
Governor Wood       X  
Merchant       x  
PLUMS St Julien VVA-1 Pixy    
Victoria x x      
Opal x        
Marjories Seedling          
Damson Merryweather x x x    
Early River’s   x x    
Gordon Castle x x      
Lawson’s Golden          
Shropshie Prune          
St Hubertus     x    



On Pear Stock



On Quince

Ayrshire Lass          
Christie X        
Craig’s Favourite X        
Crawford X        
Fair Maid X        
Green Pear of Yair          
Grey Benvie          
Goudknap X        
Jargonelle X        
Maggie X        
Monorgan X        
Rattray ( lLongueville )          
Willowgate Sausage Pear X        
Improved Fertility X        
Beth X x      
Gorham X        
Jargonelle X        
Hessle X        
Conference   x      
Moonglow x x      
Hazel x